Thief Simulator VR: Greenview Street – Meta Quest 2

Check this house. Calm, middle-aged pair. No kids. Predictable habits. Front door lock is a joke, but they like to spend time on a porch. There’s another way though: rear window on 1st floor. The lady likes the birds singing, so the window’s often tilted.

That’s your way inside. Go for jewellery – we can sell it right away. And no violence! Lombardis despise it as much, as when you’re late paying your debt…

Meta Quest 2 game that stole players’ hearts

With over 100 000 downloads , over 1 000 reviews and high average grade of 80% positives, Thief Simulator already gathered an active community. And what game feature they praise the most?

“Realistic thieving sandbox”

Complex & highly believable game world suburbs. Different lockpicking mechanics. Tenants with unique habits. And most important: fast & efficient police patrols. Don’t even try fighting!

100% stealth, 0% violence

Ever dreamt of stealing cookies from grandma’s jar? This game’s for you! Thief Simulator offers an immersive, realistic experience of being a minor burglar – without any unnecessary violence, but with…

Noticeable progress

Hone your skills, gather new equipment and develop your character within creative skill tree. What’s at modern thief’s disposal? You’d never guess, but hey! – you’ll learn it an easy way.

Anti-real-life-theft education

We’re aware that highly realistic game world encourages many ideas… so we use them for educating the players against real thievery. Your thieving-knowledge-base gets updated now.

High replayability

Rules are simple: gather intel, prepare your stuff and wait for a chance to hit. With 10 hours of basic gameplay and many ways to achieve success you’re good to go!

Quest optimization

To bring the most immersive experience we decided to rewrite the game’s code from scratch, exclusively for Quest 2. There are as well other important game upgrades for Meta’s device, e.g.:
○ Material count and texture optimization to increase quality while reducing game size
○ 3D model polycount optimization
○ Streamlined dedicated shaders
○ GPU instancing optimization
○ CPU optimization
○ Additional sound effects
Thief Simulator VR: Greenview Street for Meta Quest 2 is no doubt the best and most immersive version of the game.