We realised that a lot of games in VR lack optimisation. Models are usually heavy, and the code is messy. If you combat these obstacles you can get more resources to spread your wings and get better performance, story, and user experience.


We want to bring our know-how in building parallel worlds and serving unique experiences from AR/VR to games.

For 3RGAMES, innovation is not just a buzzword. It’s a lifestyle.

We consider games to be an art form; therefore, we focus our efforts on creating adventures that make your heart beat regardless of age, culture or language. We want to use our expertise in R&D to reach two major goals. Create lighter games that look and feel great. To optimise and to improve user journey in digital realities.

Mix games with the newest technologies like AI, AR, Haptics, or VR. If Neuralink or other future tech allows for creating games streamed directly to our eyes – we aim to be ready. We live in the present, think about the future but the past speaks in our advantage. We talk the talk and walk the walk.